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Bosideng refocuses on down jacket

In the performance report, Boston will also terminate the original dealer in Boston men’s brand cooperation, men’s remaining goodwill and customer relations contract of 165 million yuan has been fully depreciated, the future will be re-planning the development of men’s wear business. Home and children’s clothing businesses have also been cut, and 70% to 80% nonprofit stores will be closed in the next three years.

In fact, revenue from men’s wear and home business was estimated at $1.064 billion in 2017, which also contributed to the overall performance improvement. Good business conditions are still being cut, demonstrating the resolute implementation of Boston’s strategy to return to down wear.

While defining the development strategy in the new era, Boston continues to devote itself to creating high-quality products, joining hands with world-class suppliers and designers to continuously optimize and innovate in design, raw materials, technology, process and performance, and to incorporate new fashion elements while enhancing the functionality of down jackets. Keep pace with the trend of the market, so that the old brand can also maintain great vitality.

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