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Down jacket is so hot for sale in Hang Zhou

“In the past, overcoats were sold so much that this year, the sales of down garments exceeded their coats for the first time and far exceeded.” The person in charge of Only Wulin store introduced that the brand this season down jacket launched dozens of styles, woolen overcoat only a small number of styles, “designers are betting on down jacket, in recent years almost no such situation.” The brand’s down jacket revenue increased 25% in January.

Wulin Yintai women’s fashion leader Li Yichao introduced that in the autumn and winter of 2017, a number of tide brands, high street women’s wear regardless of style or shop volume, down jacket has taken up a lot of share. “This is closely related to the trend of the current trend. Before wearing a down jacket is warm, it’s fashionable now. ”

“This season’s down jacket has added a lot of fashion elements, the profile of the long and medium-sized model is not picky, is the season’s explosive; and in recent years the popular material of gold velvet perfect integration, fashion sense is full.” Chao card CRZ related personnel said.

Clothing industry insiders revealed that the industry is “rely on the weather to eat”, down jacket sales also pulled the whole autumn and winter clothing market. “The people who make clothes are most afraid of keeping down their stocks, and the cost of down jackets is high. But don’t worry about it this winter. Many people can make a small fortune.”

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