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The new down jacket is on sale

In addition to physical stores, Internet brands are also scratching a wave of down-wear price cuts, Fan Chengpin 60 grams of new light down-wear prices from 299 yuan to 199 yuan. Jordan Nu e-commerce platform on the original price of 580 yuan down jacket, discount price is only 289 yuan, and Boston down jackets are also discounted about 70 percent discount, Jordan Nu Southern Mall store clerk told reporters that the current entity store has not yet arrived, is expected to arrive in early November, online discount sales Most of them are last year’s style.

Why does winter bring out preferential activities early? A fashion brand insider said: “Brand down jacket just on the market discount situation was not common before, the main reason is that last year was a warm winter, down jacket sales are not good, some brands may be through the commercial platform or other channels to promote inventory clearance, on the other hand, this year the market environment is not as good as usual. In 1997, the brand discount in advance is also to seize the opportunity to cool down the market, to stimulate the sales of winter commodities. In addition, some industry insiders pointed out that the continuous expansion of the Internet fashion brand market has begun to gradually lower the price of traditional fast fashion brands.

Buying down jacket should not only refer to the price factor, but also look at the tag clearly. Pay attention to the fiber composition or blending ratio, such as down content, internal filler, fluffy degree and other indicators. In addition, the quality of the down jacket feel light, soft, thin and so on. The industry pointed out that in general, down clothing containing 70% or more is better. If the down jacket has poor resilience after pressing, it indicates that the filling material may be composed of other pulverized feathers rather than down. In addition, air permeability and anti-drilling performance are also important reference indicators.

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