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Down jacket comes on sale in advance

In September, many shopping malls in the provincial city put out their winter clothes last year, and ultra-low-priced sales became the season’s “big show”, less than 100 yuan can be found in a down jacket.

Yesterday, reporters in the provincial city of a number of down jacket stores to see, an original price of 1798 yuan / piece down jacket, a discount price of 899 yuan / piece; an original price of 398 yuan / piece down jacket, a discount price of 198 yuan / piece. In Cathay Tai Down City, a down jacket with an original price of about 300 yuan has fallen below 100 yuan, selling at 98 yuan. However, there are not many customers who come to try out clothes in many down clothing stores.

“From 2010 onwards, sales of anti quarter down clothing began to decline.” “In July and August this year, sales of down jackets in the anti-season fell by 17% compared with the same period last year,” Zhang, manager of Cathay Pacific Down City, told reporters. Zhang said that the frequency of down jacket style updates is accelerating every year, Hefei citizens are more willing to spend money to buy new models, the next few years anti-season down jacket sales situation is very difficult to emerge.

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