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Berghaus released lightweight mixed waterproof down coat

Berghaus, a British outdoor brand, has released a new series of hydrophobic down products. Among them, the Asgard Hybrid Jacket belongs to the Berghaus Limit series. It is lightweight, comfortable, warm and waterproof. It is a highlight of winter wear this year.

The lightweight Asgard mixed down charge suit is not inferior to the “big head” in the warmth effect, because the main part uses the hydro-hydrophobic down independently developed by Beihaus, with a down content of more than 90%, without affecting the thermal insulation while improving the fluffness, waterproof and windproof, absorbing 50% less than other down suits. The moisture of the left and right sides can keep the body warm and dry in cold and humid environment. Plus the ultra light Pertex quantum waterproof fabric on the surface, it will not be affected if you go out on rainy days.

And each lightweight down jacket is equipped with a storage bag that folds down the down jacket to book size, enough to highlight its outstanding fluffness. Beihaus lightweight down jacket according to the principle of human body temperature changes, different parts of the body in different parts of the filling with different weights to protect important organs, maintain the core temperature of the human body, maintain temperature balance and reduce the burden of wearing. Whether you wear it to outdoor sports or walk in the city, you can stand out from heavy winter clothes.

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