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Why is the price so different?

After the interview, the reporter visited the online shop again. Because of the “11.11” promotion, down jacket dealers generally discounted, and the price gap of down jackets in online stores was wider. A well-known domestic brand of down jacket was sold at 1699 yuan in Shanghai online stores and only 699 yuan in Zhejiang online stores. Yuan.

Is such a difference normal? “The price of down has gone up this year, so it’s not normal for down jackets not to go up unless the merchants use low-grade materials.” Gong, a dealer of down raw materials in Ningbo, told reporters that he said that in the past merchants would choose “National Standard 90″ down to make down jacket. The wholesale price of down jacket rose from 300 yuan per kilogram last year to 580 yuan per kilogram. If merchants want to ship at last year’s price, they can only choose relatively low-grade ” Down label raw materials of GB 70.

If businesses choose low down products to reduce costs, how can consumers distinguish them? In this regard, reporters also interviewed the Municipal Quality Supervision Bureau Textile Fiber Inspection Institute senior engineer Zhuang Li. Zhuang Li told reporters that the selection of down jacket to look at the quality label, according to the provisions of down content should not be less than 50%, the higher down content down jacket quality is better. After reading the label, the consumer will also look at the down samples attached to the down jacket, and touch the down jacket to feel the structure of the internal down. “Some hormone-fed’hormonal ducks’have short fur, which fills down jackets with relatively poor warmth retention. Others cheat consumers by filling their clothes with scraps of material and feathers and using soft feel as feathers. Not only can not achieve good warmth effect, health may not meet the standards. ” Zhuangli said that from the appearance and touch analysis, high-quality down are taking soft, complete large down filling.

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