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Buy a down coat for winter

At the end of autumn and early winter, autumn style down coats were the most popular, and many of them were sold to break codes. It is reported that the so-called autumn down jacket is thinner than winter down jacket, and mostly for self-cultivation and short style, which only need to wear a bottom can be, the price is also generally between 300 and 500 yuan, very popular with people of all ages.

In addition, this year’s popular down jacket keywords are “camouflage” and “military green”, look old-fashioned color, in fact, young people are very interested, such as in the Boston counter hanging several rows of camouflage down jackets, long and short. Subsequently, reporters in 58 cities, market network and turn around platform to see, there have been a large number of autumn down jackets, camouflage down jackets and other goods on sale.

“Now the weather is awkward, wearing a cashmere overcoat is a bit cool, wearing a thick down jacket in winter is too hot, the friends around bought this kind of ribbed down jacket, light and practical, the price is not high, feel quite good!”

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