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Warm winter makes light down jacket more and more popular

At yesterday’s feather fair, Boston, Yalu and other down-wear manufacturers gathered to discuss the changes in the down-wear market this winter. “Warm winter drives light down jacket to be the mainstream,” according to Shen Xiaoxiong, manager of 100 down jackets, according to the current trend of public purchases, autumn down, fashionable light down jacket sales have increased greatly, autumn down sales alone compared with the same period last year increased by 23%, accounting for 60% of the total sales. “70% down jacket suitable for about 10 degrees of temperature,” in order to meet the needs of warm winter, this winter major down jacket manufacturers focus on light down jacket, and in the fabric, style, promotional form of “face” to grab the market.

“Buy an autumn down, both light and warm, travel convenience,” a girl in favor of a bright autumn down. According to Boston Deputy General Manager Song Jiajun, the company launched more than 20 new autumn down this winter, nearly double the number of last year. Waterproof, oil-proof and anti-fouling “three-proof” functional fabrics, first appeared in autumn down, using reflective layer materials such as heat storage tank and other new functions, but also attracted many citizens to “taste new”.

“In the past, discount labels can hardly be seen everywhere.” This year, affected by the online sales model, many brand manufacturers directly take the national unified real price sales, some big brand prices than last year fell by 23%, this winter more than 90% down jacket, each price does not exceed 1000 yuan. “A new type of autumn down is marked 299 yuan, 100 yuan cheaper than last year,” according to Song Jiajun, last year priced at 399 yuan, 499 yuan autumn down, this winter down to 299 yuan, 399 yuan. The fashion price between 899 yuan and 1500 yuan last year dropped to 699 yuan to 999 yuan this winter.

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