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Latest style down jacket from new balance

New Balance, a fashion sport brand, has recently set up an offline flash booth in the atrium of the first floor of Wanxiangcheng, Chengdu, to promote the brand’s new down jacket and activate the winter energy of Chengdu.

A special channel simulating the spontaneous heating system was set up to let customers feel the unprecedented warmth effect of New Balance’s new down jacket, which combines excellent quality with technological innovation. New Balance’s new Tech + Jacket, UTJ + Jacket and Solar Ball Jacket series are on show. Tech + series uses anti-fouling, dustproof and waterproof fabrics to allow consumers to calmly cope with a variety of climates and occasions. The pocket can also be folded easily and packaged into tofu blocks for easy travel.

In addition, the use of technological innovation in products is also pursued by New Balance. Solar ball + series uses the environmental protection filler of down substitute – Solar ball technology, has the function of absorbing light and heating, by absorbing the near infrared ray of sunlight, producing particle vibration, thus generating heat, anytime and anywhere to provide warm protection.

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