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Bosideng refocuses on down jacket

In the performance report, Boston will also terminate the original dealer in Boston men’s brand cooperation, men’s remaining goodwill and customer relations contract of 165 million yuan has been fully depreciated, the future will be re-planning the development of men’s wear business. Home and children’s clothing businesses have also been cut, and 70% to 80% […]

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Down jacket comes on sale in advance

In September, many shopping malls in the provincial city put out their winter clothes last year, and ultra-low-priced sales became the season’s “big show”, less than 100 yuan can be found in a down jacket. Yesterday, reporters in the provincial city of a number of down jacket stores to see, an original price of 1798 […]

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Down jacket is so hot for sale in Hang Zhou

“In the past, overcoats were sold so much that this year, the sales of down garments exceeded their coats for the first time and far exceeded.” The person in charge of Only Wulin store introduced that the brand this season down jacket launched dozens of styles, woolen overcoat only a small number of styles, “designers […]

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The new down jacket is on sale

In addition to physical stores, Internet brands are also scratching a wave of down-wear price cuts, Fan Chengpin 60 grams of new light down-wear prices from 299 yuan to 199 yuan. Jordan Nu e-commerce platform on the original price of 580 yuan down jacket, discount price is only 289 yuan, and Boston down jackets are […]

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Berghaus released lightweight mixed waterproof down coat

Berghaus, a British outdoor brand, has released a new series of hydrophobic down products. Among them, the Asgard Hybrid Jacket belongs to the Berghaus Limit series. It is lightweight, comfortable, warm and waterproof. It is a highlight of winter wear this year. The lightweight Asgard mixed down charge suit is not inferior to the “big […]

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Why is the price so different?

After the interview, the reporter visited the online shop again. Because of the “11.11” promotion, down jacket dealers generally discounted, and the price gap of down jackets in online stores was wider. A well-known domestic brand of down jacket was sold at 1699 yuan in Shanghai online stores and only 699 yuan in Zhejiang online […]

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Buy a down coat for winter

At the end of autumn and early winter, autumn style down coats were the most popular, and many of them were sold to break codes. It is reported that the so-called autumn down jacket is thinner than winter down jacket, and mostly for self-cultivation and short style, which only need to wear a bottom can […]

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Warm winter makes light down jacket more and more popular

At yesterday’s feather fair, Boston, Yalu and other down-wear manufacturers gathered to discuss the changes in the down-wear market this winter. “Warm winter drives light down jacket to be the mainstream,” according to Shen Xiaoxiong, manager of 100 down jackets, according to the current trend of public purchases, autumn down, fashionable light down jacket sales […]

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Latest style down jacket from new balance

New Balance, a fashion sport brand, has recently set up an offline flash booth in the atrium of the first floor of Wanxiangcheng, Chengdu, to promote the brand’s new down jacket and activate the winter energy of Chengdu. A special channel simulating the spontaneous heating system was set up to let customers feel the unprecedented […]